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Logo de Reimagine Agriculture

Reimagine Agriculture Ontario

Reimagine Agriculture is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to creating a compassionate, sustainable, and resilient food system.
The agricultural sector is often overlooked, resulting in unnecessarily high resource use, which contributes to poor global health outcomes, negative consumer opinions, widespread suffering to workers and animals, and drives climate change and environmental degradation. Our primary focus is on conventional animal agriculture and food waste.
Reimagine Agriculture is determined to be part of the force that creates transformative change in the food system. Our programming focuses on policy advocacy, knowledge mobilization, and collaborations.

Dernière mise à jour: 09-05-2024

Logo de Think Fungi

Think Fungi Ottawa, ON

Notre objectif est d'aider les gens à découvrir le monde fantastique des champignons. Qu'il s'agisse d'identifier des champignons sauvages dans nos forêts et parcs, ou de les cultiver à la maison, Think Fungi est là pour vous aider. Nous proposons en personne et en ligne des ateliers, des cours et des sorties au nom des champignons ! En tant que ciment qui unit le monde, nous devrions tous en savoir bien plus que nous sur les champignons, et nous sommes impatients de vous aider tout au long de votre voyage.

Dernière mise à jour: 28-03-2024


Site web: thinkfungi.org

Courriel: [email protected]

Logo de West Donald Restoration and Rewilding

West Donald Restoration and Rewilding Ottawa, ON

This project is will be a demonstration Native Plant Garden on City of Ottawa property following the example of the The boulevards at the west end of Donald St. adjacent to the National Capital Commission lands at the Adàwe crossing, have not been maintained since 2017. Lilies and roses planted here have become overgrown and several species of invasive plants and trees have been found on this site. The residents of Overbrook would like to beautify this small area and in the process learn more about nature in an urban environment. We are looking for volunteers to assist with:
  • Garden Design
  • Selection of Native Plants
  • Garden Preparation - weed suppression
  • Requesting donations (plants, soil, funds)
  • Planting
  • Volunteer co-ordination

Dernière mise à jour: 13-04-2024


Site web: www.overbrook.ca

Courriel: [email protected]

Logo de WILD Outside

WILD Outside Ottawa, ON

WILD Outside is a non-for-profit initiative run under the Canadian Wildlife Federation for youth ages 15-18. WILD Outside offers a variety of year-round events and activities for young people to engage in, with accessibility at the forefront of all programs. Our goals are to work with local partners and connect youth with conservation initiatives, service projects, outdoor activities and skill-building, virtual activities and educational workshops within the community. Join today to experience all our fun, free, and local activities with conservation in mind!

Dernière mise à jour: 14-03-2024

Logo de Women's Environmental Sustainability Network Ottawa

Women's Environmental Sustainability Network Ottawa Ottawa, ON

Le Réseau environnemental des femmes pour la durabilité à Ottawa (REFDO) a été créé pour répondre au besoin reconnu d'accroître la représentation et le leadership des femmes dans le domaine de la durabilité environnementale à Ottawa, afin d'accélérer notre transition vers une économie durable et à faible émission de carbone.

Dernière mise à jour: 25-02-2024