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City Stream Watch - Rideau Valley Conservation Authority logo

City Stream Watch - Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Ottawa, ON

City Stream Watch is a volunteer-based program that collects biological monitoring data on streams within the City of Ottawa. The program also holds volunteer events in the form of garbage cleanups, invasive species removals, and workshops. City Stream Watch strives to provide stewardship opportunities that can foster community involvement.

Last Updated: 13-03-2024

Forêt Capitale Forest logo

Forêt Capitale Forest Ottawa/Gatineau, ON

Forêt Capitale Forest is a registered charity, dedicated to mitigating climate change impacts through tree planting initiatives and fostering biodiversity awareness. As a non-profit organization, we engage local communities in the planting and maintenance of urban forests, ensuring they reach maturity and achieve high survival rates. By facilitating volunteer-driven community events, we aim to enhance green spaces and to cultivate a deeper sense of environmental stewardship among the community. FCF undertakes various urban afforestation projects, including demonstration plots encouraging residents to transform small private parcels of land into biodiverse ecosystems, and developing a community tree hub for future afforestation initiatives.

Last Updated: 26-06-2024

Horti-Cité logo

Horti-Cité Gatineau, QC

Horti-Cité is an urban agriculture NPO incorporated in 2019 and operating in the Gatineau region.
Our vision: We are committed to achieving innovative, ecological agriculture that is essential to adapting our cities to future challenges. Each project brings us collectively closer to a nourishing living environment that has a positive impact on the environment.
Our mission: to develop mobilizing and sustainable urban agriculture in the Gatineau region. We also promote food autonomy with our seed library. And our Récolte Frugale project fights food waste, teaches people how to eat in the city, and educates them about fruit trees.

Last Updated: 26-03-2024

In Your Nature logo

In Your Nature National

In Your Nature aims to help connect people with their communities and the environment.

Last Updated: 15-02-2024

Oceanic Impact logo

Oceanic Impact National

Oceanic Impact is a social enterprise that was founded upon having a positive impact on our ocean. We focus on waste and litter reduction and elimination through education, empowerment, and enablement. We provide up-to-date science-backed information coupled with tangible actions to help raise awareness on litter and its potential impacts. We provide emotional support to address eco-anxiety through mentorship, positive messaging through social media, and various other programs to empower and increase the audience's sense of agency to act. Finally, we enable individuals to act by providing them with tools to take action against litter while adhering to accessibility, equity, and diversity principles to maximize participation.

Last Updated: 29-03-2024