Discovering Eco-Friendly Events in your Community: Tips and Resources

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So, you've just recently moved to a new city or simply looking to get involved with eco-friendly events in your area and make meaningful connections. Whether you're a seasoned environmentalist, a curious newcomer to the green movement, or someone looking to make a positive impact, finding and participating in eco-friendly events that pique your interest takes research and a lot of trial and error.

From community tree-planting initiatives and beach clean-ups to wildlife watching and sustainable living workshops, local nature and environmental events provide a fantastic way to engage with both your community and the environment. But where do you begin to look for such activities in an unfamiliar place or when you have no idea where to start?

Well, here are a few tips and ideas to get you started in finding fun and sustainable activities in your neighborhood.

Find what interests you

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If you plan to volunteer your time with an organization, it's essential to care about its mission so you can choose a role that not only aligns with your schedule and skills but also your interests.

Start with brainstorming issues, communities, and industries that are important to you.

Once you've narrowed your interests, our matching quiz can help you find the ideal organizations, focusing on roles that fit your schedule, skills, and passions, while also offering networking opportunities within your industry.

Locate events in your community

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Many towns and cities also have dedicated websites or social media pages where events are regularly posted. By exploring these channels, you'll stay informed and connected to the vibrant events happening in your area. Moreover, be sure not to dismiss your community bulletin boards at local libraries, coffee shops, or grocery stores.

Another great resource is local newspapers or magazines (including e-newsletters) which often list upcoming events in the area.

Resources within Ottawa:

  • Volunteer Ottawa: Want more than just environmental events? Follow this Instagram account and subscribe to their weekly newsletter for various activities in Ottawa.
  • Cafes Community Calendar: This is a resource for environmental events within Ottawa. Add this calendar directly to your Google or Outlook calendar and never miss exciting events in the city.
  • In Your Nature Community Calendar: We post what we can on our community calendar. Subscribe to stay informed about occasional events.
  • Ottawa is Not Boring: Want more than just environmental events? Follow this Instagram account and subscribe to their weekly newsletter for activities in and around Ottawa.
  • Eventbrite is a vibrant marketplace where you can explore a range of free or low-cost events in your area with ease, including music concerts, conferences, charity events, and community gatherings that foster a sense of belonging.
  • Luma is an online platform that allows users to set up an event page, invite friends, and sell tickets. Your calendar can feature events from other calendars and include events hosted on other websites.
  • Social media is a great tool to join community groups or follow local businesses or pages that provide timely updates on concerts, events, festivals, markets, and other things happening in your city.
  • Word of mouth from neighbors or colleagues can lead to discovering unique events that might not be widely advertised. Talk to your family and friends, and ask around in your community for recommendations and insights. They often have firsthand knowledge of ongoing events or organizations in need of support, including local schools, churches, or community centers.

Use your calendars to stay organized

Calendars are essential tools for managing our time, organizing our lives, and achieving our goals, both personally and professionally. Creating separate calendars for different aspects of our lives ensures clarity and helps us maintain balance and focus on what matters most. Below are tips to get you started:

  • Use different calendars for different aspects of your life (work, personal, hobbies) to stay organized.
  • Color-coding can help visually distinguish between calendars and types of events.
  • Regularly review and update your calendars to ensure accuracy and timeliness of events.
  • Sync your calendars across devices to access them anywhere, anytime.

In today's fast-paced and digitally-driven world, it's easy to overlook the significance of contributing to community projects that positively impact people's lives and the environment. However, right outside our doorsteps lies a world full of life, wonder, and chances for meaningful experiences.

If you're an individual who's prepared to take that next step, register with In Your Nature here, or if you're an organization that's looking to partner with us, fill out this form here. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed about Ottawa-centered events every week. We look forward to hearing from you!

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