Past Event: Canada Summer Swap Series: Ottawa Edition

Kieran Wilkins


Summer Swap ottawa: For every item for clothing you bring, you can take the same amount. Location: McNabb recreation centre, Ottawa. 12-4pm

Join Threading Change on June 15th 12 pm to 4 pm at the heart of downtown! There will be music, vendors, and your next wardrobe waiting for you to find it. Get together with your friends, neighbors, and community members to swap wardrobes this Summer, fostering togetherness, and diverting clothes from overflowing landfills.


Our never-ending appetite for newness drives us to adopt a buy and throw mentality and to overconsume. The consequences are felt in countries and communities where our clothes come from and end up at. Our textile waste contaminates water streams with microplastics, infiltrating drinking water, and killing marine ecosystems. Garment workers, mostly women, work long and tireless hours without any breaks or opportunities to progress in their personal or professional life. The solution? SWAP DON'T SHOP!


Get ready for a vibrant event featuring multiple vendors showcasing their art, great music, and good vibes! Upon arrival, you'll go through a check-in process where clothing will be assessed to ensure they are in good condition (no stains or tears). A Threading Change staff member will then provide you with a sticker indicating the number of clothing items you can take (up to a maximum of 10). You will also be required to fill out an audit form, which you can complete in advance (find on our instagram), to provide information about the clothes you're bringing and promote awareness of conscious consumption!

All proceeds from this event will go towards running the event.

*A note about our ticket prices: No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds, while we ask for $10 per person to cover the costs of the event, we also have a PWYC (Pay what you can) option available at check out.


  • You may only bring up to 10 clothing items including shoes and accessories. You can take as many clothes as you bring.
  • We will not be accepting any clothes that are stained, or torn. We have the right to reject any clothes that you bring that are of poor quality. Please be respectful and wash the clothes you bring beforehand.
  • No socks, swimsuits, and underwear at the swap. Jewelry can be swapped if it has been cleaned.
  • Swimsuits and bras can be swapped if they have never been worn, ideally with the tag still attached.


The World: a Feminist, Fossil-Fuel Free Fashion Future.


Threading Change is a youth-led, justice-oriented global organization created to address the systemic injustices and inequities that persist in the global fashion industry today.

We address the fashion industry holistically, which includes everything from the way we communicate sustainable fashion to how invite global communities affected by the industry at the table. Fashion can be a hugely wasteful industry, using excessive resources like water and textiles and over-producing clothes through trends.

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