What's in Your Nature?

'In Your Nature' wants to connect community-minded individuals with environmental organizations.

Do you wish there was an easier way to connect with meaningful environmental initiatives in your community? Look no further! 'In Your Nature' is here to revolutionize your social-engagement journey.

'In Your Nature' is a community service project affiliated with the Canadian Wildlife Federation and the Canada Service Corps. The project aims to spark connections between individuals and environmental organizations.

Take the Quiz!

How will it work?

Finding local, community-based opportunities for volunteering, activism and community service often relies on word of mouth, the right Google keywords, or simply luck. 'In Your Nature' wants to bring intentionality and equability into that process!

Our mission is simple: to streamline the process of finding and engaging with environmental and sustainability-focused organizations. We aim to connect individuals with their ideal organization and opportunity through an interactive matching quiz. Imagine a personality test, but instead of abstract results, you receive tailored suggestions for volunteer opportunities, local events, and engaging social media pages to follow based on your interests, passions, and availability.

1. Fill out the quiz

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A short quiz will try to understand the following three questions:

  1. What topics are you interested in?
  2. Is your action style direct or indirect?
  3. Are your goals oriented to people or the environment?

Read more about the quiz here

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2. Get matched

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Based on the answers you give; organizations will be ranked about how relevant they are to your interests. You will get a list of organizations, a short description, links to their website and contact information, as well as if they take volunteers or host events.

Read more about how matching works here

3. Use your results to...

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Find interesting organizations doing the cool things that you want to help with.

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Attend Community Events

Discover what might be going on in your area by browsing organizations.

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Stay connected

Perhaps you just want to know that you aren't alone in your goals. Follow social media pages and get connected from your own home.

Do you represent an organization or community initiative?

Learn more about what 'In Your Nature' can do for your non-profit, charity, social enterprise, or community initiative here